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This database is made from eAthena's datas (current version : 14831). Datas are updated almost every weeks.
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~ N e w s ~
15/08/2011 > A bug affecting navigation between flash maps has been corrected. You can now freely navigate between maps again!
30/07/2011 > Fix of a bug that printed mismatched respawn time for some monsters (thanks to a visitor that pointed out this bug!). If you notice any kind of bug, please do not hesitate to contact me.
24/05/2011 > Update of the database from the last version of eAthena.
02/04/2010 > Weapons and equipments can now be listed by their class compatibility (Normal, Rebirth, Baby).
23/03/2010 > The class compatibility (Normal, Rebirth, Baby) with weapons and equipments is now shown.
~ Tip Of The Day ~

¡æWeight : shows the current weight of character on the right and the maximum weight on the left.
Character can possess items as much as its maximum weight.
When the weight is over 50% of maximum amount,weight is shown in red colour.From that moment HP and SP cannot be restored automatically.Besides when the weight is over 90% of maximum one,the character cannot attack or use skills either.

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